June 4th, 2006

run the fuck away

Piracy and Grey Zones

This is the commentary from the Piratbyrans, a pro-piracy group based in Sweden, closely related to the PirateBay, the premire bittorrent piracy site. I didn't think that they'd be making an interesting defense of piracy; I'm to jaded by years of the "Records/Movies/Software are too expensive/produced by corrupt companies/should be free anyway" arguments.

What they really have a problem with is the top-down distribution model. And the people heavily vested in the top-down distribution model are trying to reinforce that model as much as they can. DRM isn't a threat to piracy, because pirates will hack it. But if DRM becomes the authorized channel, then any content YOU create and distribute without DRM is by implication going through the unauthorized channel, cutting the range of your distribution- and evaporating the threat that you pose to conventional media structures.

Definitely interesting, worthwhile reading.
run the fuck away


I've been hankering for some pen & paper RPG, but haven't had the oomph to really launch one meself. But, I'm thinking about picking up a copy of Ninja Burger- which I most likely will if I can get a few folks to agree to help me start a franchise.

This is inspired, in part, by one of their training videos and their advertising.

Lightweight, fast paced, mostly silly roleplaying- what's not to love?