May 31st, 2006

run the fuck away


I just got an email. I'm coming back to Harrisburg 6/12-6/13. So, roughly the week after I come back. If we do not find a different mode of transport for me, this is not happening. I will not spend 18 hours on a bus to deliver 16 hours of training. It's only going to be two nights in Harrisburg, which is a bit more palatable, and I think it's actually in Harrisburg, as opposed to someplace like Shittensburg.

My glorious wife looked up some dates. The college came about 150 years after Shittensburg. Which doesn't exactly ruin my myth. Think about it- the town probably wasn't exactly growing. So the servants of the Dark God built the college to draw more servants/food. It still all works. The town certainly grew after the college went in. Not by much. But it grew.