May 14th, 2006

run the fuck away

Like a RAZRs edge

Well, the other night, my cat was pawing around on the shelf we keep by the bed (I've got a loft bed, so this is a shelf a little over six feet tall) and it's not the most stable thing. I tend to do things like leave my laptop on that shelf, so when Rochester paws around on that shelf, I get a bit miffed. I move to toss him off, and a long story short, my RAZR met the water bottle, and the end was not happy.

The first thing this taught me was that the prices that they list for cell phones in the store are the prices for when you agree to a two year contract- which I just did six months ago. Now, you know you're saving money on your phone when you sell out for two years- it's the degree that gets me. The popular RAZR goes for $79 when you sign up- but when you don't sign up, it's $300. Well, since I needed a cellphone anyway, I decided to get one that could be used as a modem for my cell company's high speed internet service; not that I intend to dive right into such things, but I like having the options. The Nokia 6682 is a nice little phone, with more bells and whistles (and yet, it cost me less than a new RAZR), and it's compatible with Salling Clicker (which allows me to control my lappy from my phone). This still required me to shell out $260, but that was better than paying half as much for a phone that could best be described as "crap". Okay, I'm a tech snob; but I've learned not to buy cheap if I can avoid it.