May 4th, 2006

run the fuck away

Tilty Alpha 2- PowerBook, iBook, MBP, and Sounds!

The second Alpha release of Tilty is completed, and this one (theoretically) has iBook/PowerBook support. I won't know for sure until I actually get home and load it onto my wife's Powerbook. It will RUN on iBooks and Powerbooks, as it is a Universal Binary, but I don't promise that it will actually let you control the ball until I get home and test it for real. I just wanted to get this up before the end of the day because I'm pretty durned excited about this version. There's lots of improvements, and it puts me in reach of my goals for an official beta release within a few weeks. No promises though, as I'm on a Honeymoon next week.

Download Tilty Alpha 2.

All of these prerelease versions are closed source, but you can freely redistribute them. But while I've got your attention with the flashy new release that has a fully functional maze, let me take a moment to discuss my thoughts on the actual 1.0 release, a few weeks or months off.
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johnny cash


The owner of our center just bought another franchise in Charlotte, NC. And apparently, it's already all jacked up, and they need somebody to come and straighten the place out. And they're sending... the general manager of our center? When I heard this, it took all of my force of will to hold in the laughter until I was safely in the hallway. They're sending our boss to go fix something?

Apparently, the Peter Principle is flawed. You can rise above your own level of incompetence.