March 29th, 2006

run the fuck away

A nation of laws?

Is the United States a nation of law? Do we have rules, set down, that apply to everyone in all situations? Do we not have laws that describe the process through which new laws are enacted? And someone who breaks these laws is, most certainly, a criminal. But what do we call someone who issues broad proclomations promising not to follow certain laws? A law which they themselves put their name out in support of?

If someone claims to support a law, then, when it is passed, refuses to follow it- what do we call that person?

The President apparently. He recently signed the Patriot Act renewal into law, along with the modifications that Congress made, specifically requiring oversight over some of the more questionable parts of the law. Before the ink dried, he issued a statement that basically boiled down to, "I'm going to ignore those parts."

Again- again this bastard places the office of the President, and by extension himself, outside the law. Each time, the defense sounds hollower and hollower. Each time, the pledge to protect us from the boogeymen in turbans seems less and less sincere. The promise that without these draconian institutions we will be crippled in the war on terror sounds more and more like a threat.