March 7th, 2006

run the fuck away


Well, after talking to some folks, I've decided that naming my comic book superhero "I/O" is a great idea. Which, speaking of, I've got the rough draft of the first issue done, along with tentative page layouts.

So- I'm looking for someone to read through 22 pages worth of comic book and do some editing. I'm looking for cohesion and believability, so even if you're not up on comic books, s'alright. I just want someone to rip into it so I can find my weak spots and shore them up.

And I also would like an artist. Trust me, you do NOT want me drawing this. It will make children cry and women become sterile. I'm a little worried about cramming too much text on some pages, and it's the artist that needs to make that call. This is my first go at a serious comic book, and I want to make sure it carries well.

Hopefully, all the kinks can get worked out and I can start on "I/O #2".