March 4th, 2006

run the fuck away

Exciting Day

Well, lunch ended on quite the exciting note yesterday. After a sandwich and an episode of Dr. Who (Tom Baker's last story as the Doctor incidentally) Minna started to feel unwell. It's a specific sort of unwell where she "starts thinking about something, and i don't even know what, but it doesn't stop". She gets nausea to go with it, which also happens on occasion.

And then she has a full blown seizure. Not a thrashing, bite your tongue off sort, but an "every muscle in the body pulls against every other" sort. Cue the paramedics, which arrived very quickly (go them!), and a lot of worried folks at work. Minna's totally out of it, and while conscious, is totally unresponsive. They pack her into the ambulance, I get someone from work to drive Minna's car down behind them.

She came to in the ambulance, and was understandably confused. Not long after they admit her, I'm allowed in, and hang out with her for the next five hours as they do tests and cat scans, and so on.

The neurologist thinks those episodes of "unwellness" that she has are partial seizures. Normally, after the first seizure, they don't do anything but a few scans and tests, just to see if they can find a cause (they usually don't). Since those sound like partial seizures, however, they've decided to put her on an anti-convulsant. We're going to go pick up the prescription in a little while.

Everything is fine, now. No worries. Minna's going to follow up with an MRI and an EEG in the next week.
run the fuck away

To Good Friends

To good friends, whether they be old, new, online or off. You guys are great people, and after what happened yesterday with our trip to the ER, I know I'm a lucky guy with great friends.

Seriously, you rock. Have a drink on me (seriously- I'll paypal or textpayme you the cash ;-).