February 16th, 2006

run the fuck away

Mac Virus

Some idiot tried to make a mac virus. They disguised a shell script as a JPEG, making it a trojan. Severity? Less than minor- it can't do any serious damage to your system because of OS level security features.


According to this it is more severe than initially thought. While it still can't dig into your operating system, it can infect user-owned applications, and it does send itself to anyone in your buddy list. There is no payload- but it will prevent infected apps from launching.

The moral of the story? Regardless of what OS you use, when somebody sends you a zipped file and claims it's a picture, it PROBABLY ISN'T. Like most OSes, OSX disables file-name extensions for known types by default. From the Finder menu, if you go into Preferences, on the Advanced tab, you can check the box "Show all file extensions", which, while not a fix, does protect you if you read the file extension. The icon of the application was set to look like an image icon, but if you see an extension that is different (or no extension which is what you'd see on a Unix executable), unless you know and trust the source, don't open it. If you're not sure, select the file and type i, and an info window appears and it TELLS YOU whether or not the file is an executable.

This virus only infects files that are not owned by root. The following steps prevents that infection from occuring, but is COMPLETELY UNEEDED if you remember to check the content of strange downloads to ensure that they are the file they claim to be. The following will make it more difficult to update and modify your applications, and may break compatibility with the OSX Software Update tool.

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run the fuck away


Companies on the Internet have been bending over backwards to enforce China's free-speech quelling rules, and promoting China's Internet restrictions.

What do you do with companies that are party to a Government restricting the Internet? Make a law that restricts the Internet.

I oppose China's laws, and this law could be a tactical nuclear weapon in the War of Ideas, but the very concept makes me chuckle.
run the fuck away

Band Stuff, New Draft

Had a day off, so Kevin and I spent a few hours rocking out and laying down a few more rough drafts. We need to go back and put some polish on everything, but one of them really surprised me. Last weekend, I liked the idea of the track we put together, but I found the aimless violining irked me- I wanted more structure.

Here's another song where there isn't any good structure on the violin part, but I like the organic flow. Hollow Earth. There's still a few kinks that need to be worked out, but it definitely shows some crazy promise.

Meanwhile, we're working on band names, the favorite right now is "The Impermanents", although "The Madison Street Accident" just dawned on me, and kinda tickles me at the moment. Feel free to vote, or suggest new ideas in the comments. Anything done in here is absolutely non-binding, and I very well might laugh at it when you're not listening.