February 6th, 2006

run the fuck away

Book Orders

I hope (vainly) that everyone has learned a valuable lesson. ORDER THE BOOKS FOR CLASS WELL IN ADVANCE. Not the week before. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.


Apparently, the books I found for class are out of print. This was discovered last week, when I was in Harrisburg, so they scrambled, screamed, and cried and got some ordered- but they're not here yet. We don't know when they'll be here.

Now, this hurts the students, but normally, I don't care about that. Except this time, the instructor copy was in that shipment. I HAVE NO BOOK TO TEACH FROM! I don't have the luxury of time to put together thorough outlines- the book is my outline. I'm very good at flipping right to what I need and judging the relative importance of various sections on the fly.

Without a book however, this is somewhat problematic. I'm gonna be making shit up like crazy. This class was already going to be a pain in my ass, but now I don't even get any lube.