January 28th, 2006

run the fuck away

Work Banquet Thingy

Bah. I'm leaving for Harrisburg tomorrow, but I had to spend the majority of my Saturday at the annual banquet thing for work. Bah.

I consumed more alcohol than I have since the night I left Cate. I found that it made spending my Saturday before a week long trip to the armpit capital of Pennsylvania more tolerable. It still wasn't that great.

I was selected as Instructor of the Year, and my reward was a fancy desk plaque. I do not have a desk at work. I do not have a desk at home (hey man, I use a laptop- hence, no desk). I have no desk Sam I am.

Well, it's the thought or something. Of course, I was the only instructor that was working the there entire year, so that might have had something to do with it. Minna comes in a close second, but as she put it, "I make them more money," which is true. In a few more months I'm going to nag them into putting a slight bump on the income to help reflect that.

In other news, I'm trapped in HBurg for a week. To make it worse, I'm heading onto a naval base. That, itself, isn't bad. But I need a security badge. This involves going through the security desk on Monday, which in turn requires dealing with the one person at that desk. Monday is the day when they have all their weekly contractors come in. Apparently a one hour wait is not unheard of. I need to be in the room by 0730 so that I can be ready to start class by 0800. At least class ends at 1600. I'll probably end somewhat earlier than that, as I don't usually do a full 8 hours of class. Especially on Friday, since my bus leaves at 1500-something.

It's gonna be a shit ass week.