November 16th, 2005


Oh, and draaamaaa

I went to gaming group with people the other day but my character got killed TWICE :-(. That totally sucked!

Oh yeah. I am totally going to ban elizasquared from commenting in my LJ for what they said about prufrock!!!!

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I feel like I'm so enraged! metaphorge told me that hexadecimal told people that they saw me talking to r2droidlife and dissing on lothie. That's bullshit!

What sucks is that mom was totally unfair to me the other day and now now I can't go to the mall with cybercerberus :-(.

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As in NO NO NaNoWriMo.

I'm venting here, and y'all don't take offense, but I'm sick of the NaNo posts. Yeah, I scroll past them and shit, but there are times when half the posts on my flist are Nano posts.

Okay, good for you- go write that book in a month. I did Nano one year too, and I even posted about it a few times, sharing the tale with you- up until I stopped, which was like day three, and moved onto something completely different. That's not the point.

Good for you, very determined of you, good luck, buena suerté and shit, but I stopped caring five days in. Keep up the good work, keep posting about it because I know your proud, but I just needed to say- I don't care.

I'm going to go back now, to writing the long story that I am writing in Novemeber, with no association at all with NaNoWriMo. It's a cooperative project, less than a week old, and we're at about 11K words. Give or take- I don't use word counters, they're wrong. Count the number of characters and divide by six- it's a reasonable estimate.