November 10th, 2005


Sony-DRM Programmers: WTF, mate?

This impassioned rant strikes a chord with my inner and outer geeks.
MY GOD MAN!!! Do you realize what you're doing? DO you? What kind of HONEY BITCH TOOL have you become? Have you no shame? None at all?

Look at you. Look at yourself. Look at what you've BECOME. Your job is writing code to BREAK PEOPLE'S COMPUTERS if they dare to put a CELINE DION CD into their disk drive. Is this what you always wanted? Is this what you went to school for? Is this what we've all -- all of us, every other hacker and programmer and geek and computer person -- is this what we've all helped you to do?

I firmly believe that technology is a tool to improve our lives. If we can make a buck doing it, great. But who is this helping? How does this make anyone's life better, except for delivering a fool's paradise, gift-wrapped on the door step of some record exec?

Being one of the geek elite carrys with it a responsibility, a mandate to use your knowledge for good, or something. I like to think so anyway. I don't have any tolerance for script-kiddies or virus writing punks, these folks have left the ranks of the geek and entered into a dark territory- and so are the people behind the DRM scheme that Sony is using.

The EFF is doing some research on the posibility of a class-action lawsuit, and now that there's a virus out there that takes advantage of the security hole that Sony's DRM creates, I think they might have a pretty valid case.

Other info here, here and here, as well as EFF's lawsuit consideration, here.