October 16th, 2005


Oooohh... isn't that nice.

Preventing a flu pandemic is impossible.

Sleep easy kiddos.

Seriously though, if an outbreak started, how long do you think the patent on the flu vaccine would last? All of like what... twenty minutes? Maybe I'm being optimistic, I mean, I know the US government is more a shill for the corporations that pay to get politicians into office than it is a governing body, but politicians still need votes, and what politician is going to tell his constituents that they're gonna die because patent law is more important.

Oh wait, if they're dead, they're not going to vote, except in Florida. And all the dead people in Florida vote Republican anyway. Shit. We're screwed.
Tom Baker

I'm old...

Browsing Amazon the other day, I discovered that the "Gargoyles" had been released on DVD- for the tenth anniversary edition. I am officially old now. 1995 doesn't seem that long ago at all.