August 31st, 2005

Tom Baker

Cool People.

Like this one, riverheart.

I don't really have the same amount of space to make the same offer, but let me say this. If anyone does want to relocate, Albany's not too bad about jobs, and the cost-of-living isn't so bad, especially if you go a little ways outside of the city. Actually, it's pretty cheap. If anyone needs relocation help, my email is in my profile ( I can't offer much financially, but I can try and track down apartments, pass your resume around, yadayada. I don't think anyone on my friend's list actually lives in NOLA, but this is a pretty open invitation.

Bonus: If anyone wants to relocate... today... and feels capable of finishing this hellish Sharepoint class I'm stuck with for the rest of the week, come on up, I'll put you up, fellate you, and do whatever I have to in order to escape this class.
johnny cash

Just When You Thought it was Safe to go Back to Class!

3:45, the shitty day is starting to wrap up- we're in the middle of a fairly intensive, but brief process. I was planning to get most of the material wrapped up and finished by four-fifteen or so.

And then, the power goes out. BUMP. Flickers back to life, and dies. Again, and again. I told my students to stay put, while I found out what management wanted me to do, and most of them left as soon as I was out of the room.

I hope for one of two things- either the power can't be fixed due to some transformer exploding or something, and we can't open tomorrow, or none of my students bother with coming back.