May 31st, 2005

johnny cash

Those who can, do. Those who can't do shit, manage.

This morning, a yummy Crystal Reports class. No problem, right? Right. I mean, I know databases, I know Crystal Reports. Sure, we couldn't get the normal courseware because it's out of print, but hey, a couple of reference books for the students, some instructional manuals for me from the filing cabinet- no biggie.


After the first break, one of the students comes up to me, and says, "Hey, this is the refresher part, right?" I look blank, and he hands me the outline of what I'm supposed to be covering. The material I thought I was going to spend two days covering is the first lesson called "Refresher". The remainder of the outline is shit I haven't even heard of.

I go to Wil, and sho' nuff, that's the right outline. Apparently, I never got a copy of it. I smile, nod, curse repeatedly, and proceed to stumble back into class, pulling large reports with interesting features out of my ass.

There have been days where I've found out I was teaching something different than I expected right before class. Never before have I been surprised during the goddamn fucking class.

I'm going to rip Jim, my immediate boss, a new one. I'm gonna dress him down like he got back when he was a Crewman second class on some Navy steamer. You'd think somebody that was a CPO working on a nuclear reactor would be on the ball.

In other news, The War of the Roses kicked ass. I'm greatly looking forward to Hunter's Moon, where we will actually camp. By that time, I will have the Second Crime of the Savant Bandits prepared, as well as a funny modernesque SCA tale, "Virgil The Unbalanced, Hero of the East", with some massive borrowing from Bill the Galactic Hero. Find a copy of that book, read it and love it. Harry Harrison is the man.
johnny cash

To quote FARK "Burning these would be so 1650"

The fifteen most harmful books of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Highlights? Well, there's the obvious, Mein Kampf, The Communist Manifesto, and of course Das Kapital. But then we get the real gems- The Kinsey Report, The Feminine Mystique, Beyond Good and Evil, and of course, Keynesian Economics, a 'la The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money.


In the runner ups, we've got The Origin of Species, On Liberty, those dangerous liberal pamphlets that, even today, corrupt our youth and lead them into teenage sex and drugs. We all know J.S. Mill was really a silent partner behind that dastardly, hip-swivelling, immoral-no-good Elvis.