March 24th, 2005

Rippy the Razor

Because the collective IQ of the world is not yet low enough

Imagine, if you will, that you're taking a class on biology. The professor discusses evolution, but refuses to discuss Creationism, citing it's lack of scientific evidence. You, being a Fundie, are offended and feel singled out. Florida wants to make it legal for you to sue!

That's right boys and girls, no longer should you have to put up with college professors that won't agree with you. You can just sue the crap out of them. We don't need our curriculum decided by the School, when the courts can obviously do a better job.

Essentially, what we're looking at is legislated mob rule. If anyone doesn't get what they want from the class, they have grounds to sue- and in the end, we're looking at educational chaos. Here's how you regulate curriculum. If a school has a program that you disagree with you don't go to that school. Don't like a professor? Don't take classes with that prof. Can't complete without that class? Go elsewhere. This my friends, is why capitalism works (without going into the many failings in capitalism). Your money is the final arbiter.

Suck it up and deal.
johnny cash

Curse Microsoft! Foiled again!

Okay, so, at work, we use Virtual PC 2004 to manage all of the different training images we use in class. Virtual PC, a complete virtual machine to run Windows in. Now, seeing "Virtual Machine", Remy goes and says to himself, "Hey, I can get a version of that for Mac, and use the training images at home."

One phone call and a $35 service fee later, I get the response, "Ummm... no."

No, because while we have this virtual machine that would allow us to emulate whatever hardware we need regardless of the platform we're on, we still insist on using incompatible formats for the virtual hard drive images. There is officially no way to convert a PC generated VPC image to a Mac VPC image.

Thanks fuckers.

While the phone call was a waste, my mac version of VPC isn't- I can still get the installers from work and build the image up. But this involves me sitting there, installing the OS, installing Office, and installing VS.NET which, assuming everything works right, is what? Ten hours or so of work? Maybe less if everything goes really smoothly.

Minna said she had a WinXP disk lying around, I'm gonna swing over to her apartment and see if I can't dig that up. If I can at least get that and office installed, I can do some of the work Jim wanted me to do today. Worst case, I can use her computer for it.

Speaking of Minna, in further proof that she roxxors, she got me the iPod case I really wanted- aircraft aluminum. My iPod looks fucking bulletproof.
johnny cash


A new song is in the can, my version of the Caliphean, for use at SCA events. This brings the total time for songs I've done to about 33 minutes- not quite what I'd call an album, despite the fact that I've seen albums that long. I want another ten minutes at least, which means, with my average track length, at least three, probably four songs. So, unless I get hit with a massive burst of creativity, another few months before I have what I'd call an album. Still, well on my way.
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