February 13th, 2005

My Hat!

DRAAAAMMMAAAA- Remy gets thugged.

Aside from the first few days after breaking up with Cate, there has been very little drama that directly impacted me. Oh, I got a great deal of it second hand.

But tonight, I got to cause some drama. It all started when I got an IM from Angel- "Want to take three sexy girls out tonight? Four if you count Jeremy." I don't know what the plans are, but I figure it sounds like club. So, I'm IMing with Sarah, and she mentions something about hitting the club. Sure enough, Angel, Kerrin and Cheryl were planning on hitting the club too.

Well, comedy gold.

I drop the threat on Cate when I see her- March 7th is a garbage day. One way or another, her stuff will be gone. Now, it was an empty threat- I wouldn't really do that. I'm a dick, but not that much of a dick. Actually, my plan was, if at least some stuff hadn't moved out by then, I'd call her mom and try and work shit out that way.

Anyway, I tell her this later, as we were leaving, but not before one of her friends sicced himself on me. Remy got thugged. This huge, mohawked punk in a black long coat, who could snap me like a twig comes over. "Hi, I'm Matt."
"I'm Remy." You already know who I am. Why are we playing this game?
"Having a good time?" I notice the hint of menace. I'm not worried- I can probably outrun him.
"I am. You?"
He nods, face impassive, looking down at me from behind dark sunglasses. At this point, Cate comes over, pats his back and gives him that minor head shake. But, while we finished a cigarette, he came out and gave me the eye. Well, I assume so anyway- his head was pointed in my direction, but what with the sunglasses, who knows? And really, guys that big just look imposing anyway, but at any rate, when we got to the diner, much laughing ensued. "Remy got thugged!"
My Hat!

Lead Story

My shitty hometown is the lead story on Google News. It figures it would take red necks with high powered weapons getting target practice in the mall to put Kingston on the map.

Fortunately, everyone I know (at least close friends) in Kingston are safe. Sean was working, but got out and is currently kibitzing with the swat team, and one of the people I used to work at Trimount with- Abe Markewitz. At any rate, I'll be keeping an eye on this one.