January 23rd, 2005

Building 'n Me

Houston, we've lost contact, over

Hmmm... Minna's six o'clock flight has been cancelled. Normally, this would be amusing, as I get to keep her longer, but unfortunately, I have to hop a train for Syracuse at 6 (although the amtrak site refuses to inform me of the status of the train- might my train be cancelled too?).

Update: Welp, my train is cancelled. There was a second train, leaving at the same time, going to the same destination that wasn't cancelled (don't ask me how _that_ works- different tracks, different conditions I guess)- but that train was sold out. The earliest departure that Amtrak could hook me up with was at 1000, which would get me there after 1200- not exactly a good way to start a 5-day class. I called the AE for that account in Syracuse and happily made it his problem. He's going to call me back with a solution- which I sincerely hope is rescheduling the class.

Fuck. They found a bus that leaves at 1645 today. Bastards. There is one hope- tickets are first-come-first-serve- if I manage to _fail_ to get tickets... well... god, I'm a bad person.

Okay, better suited to my own desires- there's a bus that leaves at 2135 and arrives at 0030ish in Syracuse. I think that'll work out better for my needs (the need to hang out and get the most out of my weekend, duh!). I can sleep on the bus as it's going out to Syracuse, so the late arrival won't throw me too much for class. I like this plan.

Of course, Minna's flight leaves at 0945 tomorrow, so she'll have to spend a little time putting around here alone. *sigh*