January 21st, 2005

My Hat!

Everything's Going My Way

Okay, let's review, shall we. Why does this day rock?
  • Minna arrives in 1:15
  • Student I was supposed to waste my day with is a no-show
  • Had a conversation with Tom, the new owner.
    • Recieved a bit of back-patting for being awesome
    • Got a nod of approval that my idea for selling our own homebrewed certs is a good idea
    • Mentioned that at some point I'd be interested in doing a Master's. Was told, "We don't have an official tuition reimbursment program in place, but if you're interested in doing I'd like to help."
  • Have my Firewheel and have been blowing time by blowing my coworkers away.

So yeah, pretty bad ass. I win at life, you all lose.
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    New Slang-The Shins-Oh, Inverted World