January 19th, 2005



Well, another day at work where I'm not teaching. Alarm goes off, I roll over and bravely grab my cellphone and my laptop, and send off a missive that amounts to: "I'm not teaching today, and since I don't feel well (lie) I'm not coming in. If there's any emergency, I'll drag myself there, and I'll be available by phone and email all day."

So, Remy gets to walk through the ass biting cold for about ten minutes to get to where I'm teaching, but I'll also get the freedom to finish class when I like and get the hell out of there, and only have a ten minute trip back. And since it's word level two, I'll finish nice and early.

Friday, again, I'm not teaching, but I'm gonna be present because that's Minna's test teach day. With any fortune, she'll rock the house and we'll all have a Minna up here to play with.

So today, a trip to the bank, some cleaning around the house, and I'm gonna give you some fun bits of newsbites. First, Senator in California attempts to ban the Internet, photo-copiers, tape recorders, and cybernetic eye implants.

And, remember, bacon is a vegetable.


Gmail decided not to deliver emails between 1135 and now, 1700. You know, the day that I was off from work and people were trying to contact me about shit? *facepalm* I hope the email I sent to Tas got there and he brings my shit home for class tomorrow.
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