January 11th, 2005


Quotable Remy

"Anti-gun people work under two assumptions. First, that we are a civilized society, and secondly, that a civilized society means that there is an institution in place that can be relied upon to protect us, and won't suddenly become something we desire protection from. Most pro-gun people reject at least one of those assumptions, and I generally start with the first."

"Descartes did a good job of proving that we can't believe our senses to understand the world. But he didn't do a good job of reconstructing a workable philosophy from that point. The problem is that we can't really get information about the world in any other way. So it becomes an issue of GIGO- Gargbage In/Garbage Out. If we're subjected to bad input by our senses, we have no choice but to act on that input anyway."