January 8th, 2005


SixApart and LiveJournal

Salon runs a cool article on what is going on with this merger, specifically, what SixApart has to be careful about.

For the first time, I've seen something in the mainstream that really gets what LJ is about, and why LJ is different from other blogging services- namely, the community aspect. LJ itself is a community, while other services seem to be more personal blogs, LJ provides a communication channel between groups and people.
run the fuck away

Welcome to LJ land

As a random note, fellow coworker karenlynn00 has joined LiveJournal. Now, when I talk shit about her in my LJ, she'll read it on her friends page.

I jest, though she did dis Apple in a recent post (:-p). She's good people though, and I'm sure we'll turn her into an appropriate LJer.