November 19th, 2004

My Hat!

Oh sweet jesus this feels good

Hey look, I's are online and shit. I'm still at the airport- my plane doesn't leave till 9:30 and lands at 10:40, but I've got intarweb, and hence, am pretty happy about the whole thing. I missed being online and being able to keep touch with people as easily as I have- I'm spoiled, and I admit it. The cell phone provided an outside connection, but there are so many people for which intarweb is far easier than cell.

At any rate, I'm gonna settle in and enjoy the fact that I'm online for the next hour or two while waiting to get my plane. Of course, I've got an hour and a half till my flight and an hour and a half of battery remaining. This could pose a problem...
My Hat!

Oh and...

If you didn't find it, Warren Ellis digs my music.

And speaking of music, I did finish off another track while sitting in the wasteland. The Mode is up for you to download. Another CC-Attribution license, I don't feel like linking to it right now because I'm lazy. You know the deal- take it and do whatever you like, just give me credit.