October 5th, 2004


Mmm... Synergy, how do I love thee

Synergy is a fantastic opensource project. I've mentioned it before- a software K/M switch- ie. one keyboard and mouse shared between two computers. It runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac, which means that I'm currently controlling my laptop from the keyboard and mouse attached to my instructor box, which also means that no one gets to notice when I'm playing with my laptop. Why, I could play Tony Hawk in class and no one would know...


Roaming through Space as well as Time

Apparently, my cellphone goes into roaming, not just based on the location in space, but the time of day. At New Horizons, in the mornings, I'm roaming, on a Cingular network, but after noon, I'm magically back on AT&T Wireless, my home network.

Can we say, "*b0rked*"?

In other news- I live in a city. Hearing window rattling bass is nothing exciting. However, the other day, on my way home, I heard the rattling bass, and I looked up... and saw it coming from a guy in an electric wheelchair, cruising up Madison doing about thirty. I shit you not. Window-rattling hip-hoppin' bass coming from a white-dude in a wheelchair going faster than the cars normally do on the street.

It was a good moment, Hail Eris.