August 22nd, 2004

Tom Baker


The other day, while I was talking to God, I had to ask, "What exactly would you _call_ your profession?"
"I guess you would have to call me a cosmologist," was his reply.
"You study the Cosmos? But you made it!"
He paused for a moment, and rudely cursed the English language in words I shall not repeat. "Should have never let you monkies create language. I meant cosmotologist!"
"A cosmotologist?"
"Yes, I dab a little foundation over the imperfections and hope nobody notices."

Showing another legitmate use of P2P software, I downloaded Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times, from '36. I have never before _seen_ a Chaplin film, and I was terribly pleased. If anyone wants a copy, let me know, and we'll find a way to get it to you.

Actually, come to think of it, it may _not_ be Public Domain after all, being that it was '36. Making it not a legitmate use of P2P- however, I am also downloading one of his films from 1926, which is completely legal- The Gold Rush.

Now I just need to track down some Buster Keaton.

All this because I happened to watch Benny 'n Joon recently.
My Hat!

Morning Randomness

So at one of those big industry cons, Sierra games released some screenshots from Half-Life 2, which has been delayed so many times people are starting to get frustrated.

This I think makes it worth the wait. Collapse )

I'm not a real gamer, but I appreciate games with artistry. _This_ is art.

Speaking of artistry, I think I found my new user icon. Even better than "Take the Skinheads Bowling, Take them Bowling"

Now, when running an art museum, you tend to have things like alarms, right? Even more so when some of the paintings you have were stolen a few years earlier, right? Or not. Edvard Munch's "Scream" and "Madonna" have been stolen.

In other news, The Transformers comic books predicted 9/11. Now tell me Bush didn't know ahead of time. If Optimus Prime could know about it, there's no reason Bush can't!

Last but not least, Siena-folk, remember how we'd all go to Siena hall, and occasionally hook up a Dreamcast and play video games on the big screen? Well, someone took that idea to help a struggling theater. Pretty damn cool.
My Hat!

Reasons I like having money

I used to think D'Addario Domiance strings on my violin were pretty cool things. They were the most expensive strings I had ever used.

Then I dated Shannon, the psychotic music student from New Jersey. Because of the demands of her program, after performing _once_ on a set of strings, she had to swap them out. So I got a set of Piastro Olive strings.

As soon as we deposit some cash into the account tomorrow, I've been budgetting to get myself a set. When I buy new strings, I don't fuck around anymore.

These are they. Note the composition on them all. Gold, silver and real gut. These things are worth _every_ penny. Because most of them have at least a little gold in them, they last forever. The tone is fantastic. Putting them on Mercutio turns him into a completely different instrument. Mind you, it's also like ricing out a Civic- Merc is a good axe, but he's definitely an economy class; neither of us has any pretensions that he is otherwise. But he's a tough son-of-a-bitch, as can be noted from the scratches and dings and broken bits (the corners at his waist have been broken by overly vigorous bowing).

I can't _wait_ to break him out again. Hopefully he's equipped by Hunter's Moon.
johnny cash

Bullshit alert

metaphorge and I would have been fired from Benedict college recently, had we been employed there. However, two professors that worked there were fired last week. Why you ask?

They refused to reward students based on effort.. That's right, the school wanted grades to be more dependant on effort (60% of the grade should be based on effort for freshmen, 50% for sophomores else). And some professors said, "No, that's dumb." And got canned.

Let us put this in perspective. Should an unemployed individual be paid just because he tries very hard to find a job? Should a doctor that tries very hard but has yet to save a patient be rewarded for this? And going the opposite direction, should a student who puts no effort in, but does well on exams and assignments be penalized because they put in poor effort?

Not to go all objectivist or anything, but there's a bit of a hazard basing a quantitative system on something strictly qualitative- like effort.