August 19th, 2004

My Hat!

This must be what October tastes like

You may be noting the nonsensical subject lines, as per yesterday's- for the record, I knew it was a Wednsday.

At any rate, I haven't gotten a solid night of sleep this week. The alarm clock may serve as a reminder to me that it's time to get out of bed, but it hasn't waken me up once. The money order Avery sent us is out of state- Cate depositted most of it, and as a result, we have to wait until the bank clears it. The check I'll be recieving for my article, by Monday at the latest I think, will also be out of state. I won't be recieving money from New Horizons until the very end of this Month.

And I want a fucking cigarette right the fuck now.

I tried using milk, amaretto and frangelico to help me sleep last night. It didn't help.

I couldn't get the mental faculties together to concentrate on my book while riding the bus. I ended up staring into space.

I am unhappy. You can infer this from the lack of actual content in my posts. Soon, I shall put on a funny hat and entertain you again.