August 10th, 2004


Big Brothers and Big Sisters

Or really just Big Brother in this case. The FCC has unanimously voted to create wiretapping regs for Internet traffic.

Further reason to use strong encryption and anonymizer proxies. And use P2P technologies- since they don't communicate through a central server, the wiretapping regs don't apply.

Also, people might be interested in looking at the Freenet project. It's immature, but offers a very secure, anonymous web system.
My Hat!

Good News/Bad News

Good news- I just got offered a set of classes at New Horizons that will pay $7200 across a few weeks in September and October.

Bad News- I'm still at a zero-income for August, and I'm starting to worry. Bills are payable through the end of this month, but I'm dreading when rent comes do on the first.
My Hat!

Oh, well that's solved.

I have a class next week aparently, VB Fundamentals. Cake, taught it plenty of times. Should be fun to waltz through. I'll get the cash two weeks after my invoice goes in, so I may be a tad late for rent, but I'll be able to pay it.


I love it when a plan comes together. Tack in the $250 I'm getting for my article (speaking of, I've got to pitch my new articles), I'll be sitting flush all the way to Christmas, or so it looks. With that $7200 I'll even be able to start paying back some of the massive debt I racked up last year.

Hear that atomox? You might actually see some money from me, so long as these classes don't vapor on me!

Moving away from finances for a moment, I finally got around to reading the rather awesome tidbit about some protesting technologies to be used at the RNC. Go read, applaud socially aware geeks, and try coming up with your own high-tech protest gear, I'd be curious to hear some of your ideas.

Useful webgeek news

Mozilla has just announced their progress with Xforms, an XHTML revamp of the traditional HTML forms, with handy things like client-side validation that doesn't involve java-script.

Things like this are the reason I refuse to use java-script. From a design standpoint, all of the logic for displaying and creating the client-side display of the page should be done without scripting- and, fortunately, with CSS and the improvements in XHTML, almost everything that was done with java-script can (or will) be done without it.