August 9th, 2004

My Hat!


So, I was off this weekend to Rochester and then to the Sterling ren-faire. Eventually, I'll post about these trips before they happen, but, at any rate, I had a fun weekend.

Interestingly, you can buy the site for the Sterling Ren-Faire on ebay, so hey, go at it if you have a few mil to sink into something.
run the fuck away

Hmmm... geekiness et al.

There's this gentleman that's decided to write a book in the form of a blog. looks like it might be amusing- hard to tell, because it's only had one post.

Now, time for a dirty little secret moment. I used to be a total StarTrek geek. I know, a shock (the shock being that I am not one anymore!). I like ST, TNG being my preferred series. Nowadays however, I am well aware of how cheesy it is, and can mock and deride it while enjoying every minute. Even trekk(ies/ers) grow up.

When I was younger, I even went so far as to hang out in these little IRC chats known as "sims", wherin we all pretended to be a crew of a starship. Even got a few friends into one in college. So what did I go and do? Join starshiplj, the LJ equivalent. Yeah, _that_ geeky.