July 26th, 2004


Movie Note

Dodgeball was actually enjoyable. Ben Stiller tried really hard to make it suck, but he failed. Rip Torn and the guy who played the piite made the movie. (The guy who played the pirate was Wash from "Firefly")

Population Control Party

I hate to say it, but I don't really value human life as a general concept. In specific instances, it's different. I like people, but at the same time, I recognize that there's too damn many of them. And most of them are consuming resources that I could be putting to better use.

Population pressure is already becoming a problem- and even if we deurbanized, that would only be a stopgap; I don't think you can combat the need to centralize. Violent crime and poverty are a direct result of having too many people and too few resources. This is exacerbated by nasty positive reinforcement cycles in our economy- the more money you have, the more money you can make, and thus have more money to get more money. This causes resource concentrations among a minority.

I think a revolution among the proletariat, would, in the long run, be a good thing for American society in general. The ensuing war would kill off a healthy chunk of the population, as well as serve to collapse resource blocs. Unfortunately, there would probably be a period of some form of socialism following this, but I think that would pass within a few generations, and we could get back to a revamped capitalism, with appropriate checks in the system.

Either that, or Fox and UPN would merge, and turn the revolution into reality TV programming. Talk about "The Revolution Will Be Televised".

And no, I'm not really clear how serious I am on this topic. I'm either serious, or trying poorly to pull of a Kaufman-esque joke without my knowledge.

Actually, I think it's the joke. But I'm not sure.