July 2nd, 2004



The interview with Brett Spodak went pretty well, but not fantastic. He basically said that he wanted someone with more experience, and I came back and pointed out that in a few months I could outdo someone with four years of experience.

What I didn't say is that I have sheer talent. What I lack for logged-hours I overcompensate for with being badass.

However, that vibe is going to communicate itself to him in his sleep. He'll wake up tomorrow and realize that I'm perfect.

Or Sharyn, who seems to recognize my potential, will talk some sense into him.


Here's some geek coolness for all y'all.

You want to control two seperate computers from one keyboard and mouse. You're too cheap to get a KVM. Solution?

Synergy, a KM switcher (Keyboard/Mouse- you need a seperate monitor for each box you're running). And yes, there's a windows version, so this isn't just linux geeking.

A little setup work, and *boom*. You drag your mouse to one edge of a screen, and it moves to another computer's monitor. Copy-and-paste also works. It's _almost_ like having a dual monitor setup- you obviously can't move windows or drag and drop or anything.

But damn, it's a great way to annoy Cate (I installed it on her computer and am using mine as the server. She looks away, I start a solitaire game, she turns back and feels compelled to finish it- great fun.)
run the fuck away

They don't want you to hear...

They don't want you to hear, but we have the Internet. We can decide what we want to hear.

Long story short, major news media is not being allowed to give you coverage of Saddam Hussein's trial. Moreover, the government is taking control of what you get to hear about it.

Unacceptable. We bombed the crap out of a country for this trial, and I want to know what transpires goddammit.

I was actually quite amused by the questions of the court's legitimacy that Hussein raised. In fact, his questions have merit. The government that's taking form certainly doesn't have public support. Unless you count suicide bombings a form of support. I strongly doubt that after we leave, the government will be able to stand on its own. Call me crazy.

However, by what right does this court try Hussein? Nominally, this is an Iraqi court. This court represents who? The Iraqi people? While they certainly want to try this man for his crimes, I don't think the majority of them have agreed to allow this court to do it for them.

Personally, I want to know what happened to a good old fashioned UN War Crimes Tribunal. If it was good enough at Nuremberg, it's good enough here.