May 17th, 2004

run the fuck away

Oh... well then...

Sarah (manycolored) and Dennis (canissum) wed this weekend. It was cool and fun. Wonderful wedding. Cate and I were witnesses. I meant to do a long post about the weekend when I got home, but ummm... I'm not going home.

Not yet anyway.

As Cate, Sarah and I were just about to leave to return to Kingston, the phone rings, and caller ID says "New Horizons". I figure it's probably Greg (pgnblade), but am still pretty surprised. It is Greg. NH had a SNAFU and needs someone desperately to cover a class. I call Christopher back, and start doing some negotiations.

It looks like for one day of low level apps training (VBScript on the Web) I'll be pulling something around $350ish. Christopher is running the numbers past Bosstom, a.k.a. the Ompah-Loompah of Doom.

This totally bones the smooth plans we had for coming back up, but it smooths it all over with money- the $350 is halfway to an apartment hopefully. And this job I interviewed for is in the bag as well. Then everything squares up and roxxors.
run the fuck away


Christopher was talking out his ass again. So I'm still in Albany for no reason. The class isn't being run out to a contractor. So I stayed up here for no reason.

I had a feeling that was going to happen.

I'll figure out how to get down there today hopefully before Cate makes arrangements to come back up and commute down tomorrow.

*smack* I'm peeved. I wish to wreak violence.
run the fuck away

Cool... but GAH!

Remember how the class I was contracting for tomorrow was not going to need me? They changed their minds. I'll be at New Horizons tomorrow.

I'm happy for the $350, but *kick* I really can't stand the way they dick contractors around. Is it every contractor? Or is it just me, because I'm also a former employee? So, I didn't stay in Albany for not much of a reason.

I will be working at NH at 7:30 tomorrow. I'm not terribly sure how I'll get there, but it'll probably be the same long bus route that I used to have to take (I'm right on the same line as the one in Troy). I'll deal with that later.