May 4th, 2004


The Death of Mass Culture

A long time ago, media producers made up a larger portion of society than they do now. Before media production began to involve "studios" and "publishing houses", media producers could be just about anyone, making just about anything. There was _less_ media per capita, mind you. Audiences were smaller- a crowd at a tavern listening to an old coot regaling them with things that had happened before they were born. A group of friends setting up with instruments, and playing traditional songs for hours.
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The low-bandwith mass media culture is schisming. The number of media channels is increasing, and diversifying the media- which has the effect of diversifying cultures.

Re my earlier post about diversification of content...

Go to your local video type place. The one with the best selection you can find. Count how many Bollywood movies there are on the shelf. I'm gonna bet zero.

Try and find a Bollywood movie online. A major torrent site has several listed, and usually has one to five posted daily. Hmmm... interesting. There seems to be a demand for Bollywood films, yet the high-input media producers aren't importing.

Coolest Eye-Candy Ever!

I found a new linux toy. I love lots of screen area. One way to do this is to use "Multiple Virtual Desktops". Most UIs offer a built in way to do this (not Windows, of course), but essentially, it's a totally seperate screen that you can get to by clicking or keyboard.

At any rate, this toy has a nice 3d gui for the switch. It looks like a computer in a movie, where nothing is actually useful about it, but it sure looks cool.