April 13th, 2004

run the fuck away

Mmm mmm... Bottled Water

I have gotten in minor tiffs with waiters over the water they give me in restaurants. When I ask for water, I have certain expectations of source and quality.

I fucking expect tap water that doesn't cost me anything. I have no interest in being handed a $1.25 bottle and an empty glass. I'm more than happy drinking the damn tap water.

Part of this is that bottled water is bullshit. (This rant was in fact, induced, by "Penn and Teller: Bullshit", which ran a segment on it) I've always felt as such- it certainly didn't taste any different to me. It's fucking _water_ for chrissakes. I cringe every time I'm dying of thirst, and there's no water fountain in sight, and one of those goddamn water pushers hawking bottled water.

Bottled water is possibly the only thing more annoying than sports drinks. Hey, guess what- when you're thirsty, and I mean really thirsty, you know what the best thing to drink is? _Water_. Purple goo that tastes like diseased urine is needless. You want to "rebuild electrolytes"? Have a fucking sandwich. You want to replace what you lost while working out? Food and water will do it. *gasp* In fact, people who drink large quantities of soft drinks, including sports drinks, are more likely to suffer from kidney stones. Those "electrolytes" are dissolved salts- and they hit your kidneys and come out of solution. If you don't drink enough just plain water to redissolve them, you get the joy of passing a rock through your urethra. Enjoy, fuckhat.

Intel reserves the right to tell you how to use your tech...

Intel has decreed that it has the right to limit what you can do with your tech. They're now offering "hardware-level" security- in other words, they're building DRM into their hardware, and prevent you from doing modifications on the hardware. In other words, you pay for it, but can only use it how they say to. This is roughly akin to buying a car, and this car refuses to let you exceed the speed limit, run red lights, or pass on the right. Moreover, if you wish to deactivate these dubious "safety features" (for the consumer's own good!), the car company has the right to sue you for your tampering.

National ID cards would make us safe. That's right- driver's licenses stop terrorism. When you word it that way, it doesn't seem so plausible, does it? An ID card doesn't tell us who someone is- it tells us _who they claim to be_. It delivers a false sense of security, without any signifigant increase in security.

Meanwhile, someone has realized that if ad supported quiz-sites work, quizzes that _are_ ads must work better! Electric Artists is a promotion company, and seems to know shit about shit when it comes to good looking web sites, but hey- it's amusing.

Tonight, at 1930EST Bushie will be telling us that everything in Iraq is going according to plan, and don't vote against him this election, or you'll be supporting terrorism. And the infamous memo that reveals that Bush's staff knew about an al Qaeda attack was forged by Hillary Clinton.
run the fuck away

Las Vegas

"They've rebuilt Sodom and Gommorah. It's BACK! And you have the opportunity to see it before it turns to salt." - Lewis Black