April 7th, 2004

Tom Baker

Some people rock...

There's a sign that people rock. When they make a well thought out, interesting post about blogging, and include an offer of contracting work to me. That rocks. Speaking of, I finished off those e-zine articles, and they got signed off complete. That's $12 for three short articles that took about twenty minutes each. ($15 - rentacoder fees) Plus, it's a link to more contracting work for that e-zine.

Also, there's rumors that a local underground zine is looking to register for NPO status, and I'm on the list of people who will be directors- which bears a salary. It's also a good place to submit some of my work, art and literature.

There's a large set of "maybes" in the job front. Now they just have to be capitalized on.
Tom Baker

Now _that's_ BADASS and other news...

You're going into labor. There's no electricity or running water and you're eight hours from the nearest hospital. Suddenly, you realize that this baby isn't coming out naturally. What to do? Grab a kitchen knife and perform a ceasarian on yourself Repeat after me: Holee shit!

How about a punk rock orchestra? Full symphonic covers of classic punk songs, and c'mon, the conductor's so cute with his little hawk.

Now Wired is running another article on the bleed over between MMORPG economics and real-world. Interestingly, the smaller game universes, like "Second Life" and "Ultima Online" support the trading, while the large established games, like "Everquest" tend to think it's unfair.

But wait, there's more badassitude. Man rescues 11 year old from croc by leaping on it and gouging its eyes. Go random rescue dude!

The chief of NYT says that there will never be professional bloggers. I agree. You can't survive on an ad supported blog, and in all honesty, you're lucky if the blog pays for itself. But it's a wonderful supplement to any career, even if it doesn't make money. It makes connections, which can translate into cash.

How about this: tree furniture. Living tree furniture. "Honey, did you remember to water the couch?" This kicks ass. And my birthday is this month (hinthint).

Yesterday I talked about the guy who ran linux on his iPod. That's amateur hour- real people install linux on dead badgers.

Finally, for this post- the answer is that there is no answers. A delightful, must read essay.
My Hat!

Chaos Monasticism and Unlightenment

Recently, I did a tarot reading using a spread I'm calling the "Path" spread. Three cards are done in a line vertically, and two more are placed on either side of this line. The three card are the next three steps to take. The first step on my path is to regain a sense of balance and unity with the world (it was The World as a matter of fact). Unify my sense of self with the sense of not-self. The next step is to secure my prosperity- take care of the mundane aspects of supporting oneself. Finally, I can engage in my creative pursuits, and make all the things I want to.

The two cards to either side are the distractions, things that could deter me on my path. My own creativity is the first- I can get distracted by the thousand and one good ideas, and never get the basics taken care of. The other is my own arrogance and self-suredness.

I had been kicking around the idea of undergoing the Chaos Monasticism again. I've done this before, performing the lesser and most of the greater obsevances. The effect on myself was amazing. After that tarot reading, I've decided to do it again, and this time, I'm going to do the Extreme Observances. I'm not sure about the third extreme one: Visualize the Sigil of Chaos at least once during every hour (including when I'm asleep). It's something to try for.

I'm going to embark on my monasticism starting next Monday. We're visiting Cate's fam for Easter, and I don't want to explain why I always have a large staff with me. It's just be annoying.

The goal here is not Enlightenment. I'm looking for Unlightenment. I don't want to access a "higher self" or "nobler ideas", or be any better than I am right now. I want to be _more me_. The goal of Unlightenment is to be more yourself than you were yesterday. I am an amazing and powerful individual, with a mind like a laser. I want to be more like that. I want to be more forceful, more creative, more of a jerk. I don't want to choose light over dark- I want to choose Self over Not-Self.

Amusingly, the techniques used to work towards Enlightenment are similar to those used for Unlightenment. It's really only the goals that differ. At any rate, starting Monday, and running for Twenty Five days (five fives!) I shall be embarking on the Chaos Monasticism, hoping to be slightly Unlightened.
run the fuck away

Ashcroft wants your pr0n

Ashcroft wants your pr0n so badly that he's got an entire team scouring the internet for the slimiest, vilest porn to be found. The claim is that he wants to stamp it out. The reality is that he's terribly repressed and wants to see it all- so he can get off. Cue the image of Ashcroft yanking it to porn going, "Oooh! Doggy-style! I wish I could be that kinky with the missus." Ha. That'll be burned into your third eye all day.

Goliath a (the gubbermint) is going after Goliath b (the porn industry), and Mr. A is armed with nerf guns. People like porn. People watch lots of it. Fans are not victims- they're consumers. You want traditional values- well porn is as traditional as you get. The only industry older is prostitution. People like sex. They like having it, they like thinking about it, they like watching it.

The people standing against the gubbermint in this case will include:
The porn industry
Media giants (who are supplied by the porn industry)
Free speech advocates

This is a no-win scenario for the gubbermint. If anything, it'll increase demand, much like when sites proclaim that they are "Banned in Thirty Countries". Sure, those thirty countries are perdominantly Muslim or have no concept of free speech (shout out to China, y'all!), but your average user sees that and says, "Damn, that's got to be good!" "Facing US Government Prosecution" will be just as salable a label.

Mmmmm... porn.
run the fuck away


Off for Easter at Cate's fam. I'll be returning Sunday night. Fortunately, I'll only be with them for Saturday and Sunday. The rest will be with Sarah and Dennis or Jen and Sarah (different Sarah). I'll check my email as much as I can.

See y'all next week.