April 5th, 2004

Tom Baker

Picture time...

Landscape: Rocks (1.2mb)

This image is all about the detail, so whine all you want about it not fitting on your screen. This image is at print quality, and distributed under the CC ASL lisence (attribution share-alike [give me credit, and do what you will so long as what you do with it is given away under the same lisence]). There's a link to it on the side of my journal page.
Tom Baker

Passover for the Goyim

Jewish holidays need a goddamn Surgeon General's warning. Oy vey. My liver is working on crawling out of my body. It hasn't picked a direction yet, but I think it's going for the Alien style exit. It's unhappy. My kidney's aren't so pleased either.

I spent most of tonight with Sam's family celebrating Passover.

Rule of thumb- don't do Passover on an empty stomach. Oh sure, there's lots of food, but you chug two glasses of wine before you get to it. Then at least two more after it. And probably several during. I had about... seven. Which is more alcahol than I've had in months and months.

Moreover, our buddy knight2142 is visiting, and he brought booze. Sake, plum wine, Khaliuha and Bailey's. It looks like I'm going to be doing a destruction test on my liver, and a further destruction test when I get up at 8 or so to babysit a rambunxious six year old.