April 4th, 2004

run the fuck away


Apparently college students aren't mature enough to read certain stories, or write them.

A violent, disturbing story written by a student leads to the student being expelled. The student complains that he was inspired by a reading assignment from the class, so the teacher who assigned it gets the boot. And in fact, the whole issue gets turned over to the authorities- and ends up on the SFPD Homicide Division. There was never a homicide!

And again, we have people hyperventilating and overreacting, all sound and fury, signifying... nothing. A young writer with a predeliction to slasher flicks writes a slasher story. A really icky one at that. People do that. ::sigh::
run the fuck away


So today, Cate, Dennis, Jeremy, and his latest aquisition, Dana, went to see the infamous godhatesfags.com protest. Let me say: What a rip-off.

I went there expecting to see Mr. Voodo Zombie For Jesus himself, Fred Phelps. However, Mr. Phelps declined to grace us with his presence. And apparently, these people, despite going all over god's creation to protest, have no idea of how to pace themselves. We got there at 11:30 or so, and they were already burned out. No chanting. No screaming for bonfires. Nothing. They just stood around looking repressed and holding signs, customized to whatever they were standing in front of at the moment. For example, the Catholic Church got a Dyke Nuns sign- Dyke Nuns being a film I rate three jerks and a thumb penetration.

There was another sign that showed the collapsing towers with the caption "God's Rod." Okay, buddy- you can come out of the closet okay. That's not even subtle anymore.

Other than that, it was simply more fun hanging out with the entourage, and heckling (heckling both sides in all honesty). On the way back to the car, we stopped at the local bookstore, and Dennis bought the wonderful Electronics Projects for Evil Geniuses, which features diagrams and instructions for building cutting lasers, thirty-inch spark tesla coils, ion engines, and EMP generators, among other things.

Very cool book, and very cool of Dennis to lend it to me, even if I can't affoard the parts for anything in there.
Building 'n Me

A rejection of Experiential Metaphysics

On many occasions, I have espoused my experiential metaphysics. It starts from these gives:
a) All experiences are real experiences.
b) Our experiences are the only way we know the world.

c) We must rely on our experiences for our source of proof.
d) I can prove pretty much anything that I've experienced.

There is a consequential problem in this: I've ceased most critical thought regarding my experiences as a result. That philosophy explains everything, and makes everything explainable. And I think from that, I've had a growing maliase. Everything has been rendered explicable, accountable- it is an all encompassing, hole-free philosophy.

It stagnates, and doesn't change or grow, and in return, I stagnate and fail to change and grow.

It is for these reasons, that I formally reject that outlook. I don't want to be able to account for everything. I want to be confused, puzzled, lost. I want to look at questions without having answers.