April 3rd, 2004



Java was a great programming language. While it lasted. Years ago, MSquish took Java and made their own version, violating all sorts of patents. Sun sued.

Now though, Sun is getting all kissyfaced with MSquish, and as a result, Sun will "sign a license that will allow its software to better communicate with Windows-based desktop computers." Read- MSquish can now bone Java users over and destroy the cross-system compatability that makes Java worthwhile.

And this allows MSquish to continue making the web an IE only playground. It allows MSquish to continue inventing standards and using patent and copyright law to prevent anyone else from matching those standards.

As you can imagine, I'm fairly peeved by this. Especially in light of some of the _good_ stuff MSquish has done- like open the .NET spec to other implementations. That was cool. This is not.

To me, this is a signal that we stop using Sun JVMs (I don't anyway- I use the IBM one for programming, and Blackdown for the web), and maybe start looking at the licensing and seeing how possible a non-Sun fork of the Java language is.
run the fuck away

Sibel Edmonds

This has shown up in several places, but I'd like to touch on it myself. Sibel Edmonds is a former translator for the feds- and a perfect example of why, sometimes, you better believe they really are out to get you.

Sibel claims that she had documents proving that the US Government knew that Al Qaeda was intending an attack on US soil using aircraft as missles. She was employed after 9/11, but was reviewing documents that predated the event, "Retranslating them".

She, along with Richard Clarke, provides a damning indication that our leaders allowed 9/11 to happen. Amazingly, you bring this up in certain circles, and you're a "Conspiracy Nut". Even though there's plenty of evidence, and some historical examples of how our government has intended similarly unsavory things to come to pass.

Mind you, I'm not telling anyone to run around and hold these two up as saviors- heck, they _could_ be lying. But the current administration isn't putting together any cogent arguments to refute them, and in fact, the administration has been hesitating to put up any arguments at all. It took how long to convince them that Lil' Condi had to testify in public, and on the record?

Not-so-amazingly, Ms. Edmonds cannot talk about her testimony in any detail. Ashcroft used "State Secret Privilege". This however, doesn't prevent Ms. Edmonds from directing us to questions worth asking. Also, because of "State Secret Privilege", she can't make open accusations. In my mind, that adds a measure of credibility. She just points to questions, and I appreciate that.

I want to know _where_ the intelligence breakdown that allowed the World Trade Center attacks to occur. I want a full accounting of how it happened, and a plan for how it can be prevented.


I admit freely that I am a technoutopian transhumanist. I tend to think that t3k got us into this hole, and unless we want to kill off a few billion people and revert to being hunter gatherers, it's the only thing that can get us out of it.

Technorealism offers their own manifesto, that I conditionally agree with, on some points. In any case, it makes for interesting, worthwhile reading.

Overall, I think they're too ludditory for my tastes- not to call them luddites. I admit openly, that I fall into the visionary category. I'd like to think that the Internet will lead to a Stateless society- I practically realize that it probably won't. However, I think that a Stateless society would be an improvement- so I will work with technology to achieve that goal.

They are against the junking of many traditions. I have no problem slaughtering traditions to get my way. But I do this with the hope that staunch defenders, like the people at technorealism, will work against me, at least on some points.

My view of reality isn't the only one. And it's definitely the best- for people that think, act, and believe as I do. That's not everyone. But it's still a set of laudable goals, which is why I work towards them.