April 2nd, 2004



So I decided "Hey, let's upgrade Mandrake versions! I'll switch from 9.2 to 10.0."

The 10.0 install was broken as _shit_. I tend to not like it when the installer asks for cd 4. Mind you, there were only 3 cds. Shockingly, a whole bunch of shit didn't work.

So I reinstalled 9.2, and now have this strange hybrid 9.2/10.0 system. All the branding says 10.0, and I've got KDE 3.2 instead of 3.1, but I'm running the 2.4 kernel and I have GCC again. Yes, in 10.0, GCC broke. For the non-linux- there's not a fuck of a lot you can do without GCC.

Hopefully I don't discover anything else that's thoroughly broken now.

Hey look...

That script I was working on now functions. adWords hates it, and it will work only intermittently at times, but it's as functional as it gets.

Remind me of my mantra: "Page scraping is not a piece of cake two-bit affair when authenticating via SSL and the server is purposefully resisting attempts to serve pages to bots."

Hm... not really that snappy. I should probably jazz that up a bit.
My Hat!

On dieties

Mankind, by nature, is polytheistic. And while we may have replaced the "old" gods, we certainly haven't given up our polytheism.

The old gods were on occasion, capricious and greedy, but the new gods are even more so. You see, we quantified worship and called it "dollars" or "euros" or what-have-you. We installed the god PepsiCo and Disney, and we paid them tribute. We sacrificed to them, and in return... they gratified us.

Since the worship was quantified, the favor of our gods became quantifiable. 20oz of DVD with extra sugar and glib characters that entertained, but never challenged. Fantasy Mecca's of spun candy and prefabricated concrete where we could worship and in return, be entertained. Wal-Mart's priesthood promised us more reward for our worship, while Microsoft berates those that would turn away from the One True O/S, in favor of gods that demand no service- the pantheon of Open Source.

The New Gods are the gods of Quantity. Gods of Plenty. But while the cornucopia and the graal spilled forth glorious fruits, these spill forth preprocessed, pretreated and genetically modified organic nutritional supplements.

And the New Gods are certainly jealous gods. They've colluded to install a corporate theocracy in which the individual gods may battle for favor, but athieism isn't an option. They take and take and take, and their priests grow fat and wealthy, and what comes from it for the worshippers? Life perhaps, nourishment surely, tools to better serve the New Gods, but what of it? These are gods that won't even look after the well being of their Acolytes. The least favor they can bestow is called Minimum Wage, and they bestow that on as many of their servants as they can. Those that are called to the service of these New Gods are treated with less care than those that merely worship at the temples and strip-malls.

Judge your gods by how they treat their servants. Judge your gods by what they demand, and what they offer in return. Don't fall into the worship of these false, empty idols, they may feed your body, but only you can find sustenance for your Life.
run the fuck away


Twelve year old is bored by the President's speech. Scandal ensues. Excuse me? Since when is yawning during a public speech newsworthy? Since when do people have to run around claiming that the White House did or didn't say the footage was fake?

For chrissakes, the kid was bored. *gasp* A twelve year old wasn't entertained by politics. Chuckle chuckle yuck yuck and send it to America's Funniest Homemade Crap.