March 31st, 2004

run the fuck away

In which I assault you with more information than you can shake a cock at....

... but don't shake cocks, first off, you may damage them, and secondly, they get angry, and will peck thte crap out of you for it.

What? I can't help it if I'm fowl minded.

Oklahoma schoolshave been claiming that muslim headscarves violate their dress code. Cue crys of religious discrimination, cue crys of, "We don't allow headwear of any kind!", cue crys of, "Goddammit, we're imitating the French! I thought you redneck morons hated the French!" Now seriously, the school district's lawyer says, "There is no federal right to wear religious attire" in schools. Granted, but this isn't an altar boy wearing his mass uniform to school, hoping to hook up with a sexy priest. This is, depending who you ask, mandated by the Muslim faith. It's not wearing religious clothing as much as it is wearing clothing that meets the requirements of your religion.

Meanwhile, in new news that's already old- Iraqi citizens are so happy we came. Just as promised by our leadership, they're rejoicing our presence.

Now here's a real treat. Now this is a comic book. None of those pansy super-heroes like Captain America or Superman. They fight the war on terror and "bomb civilians, hurt innocents and spread fear!" It looks heelarious.

Oh, and they really are happy, it shows.

Let's pull out our Spin and Say... "The Gates says: 'Ten years out, in terms of actual hardware costs you can almost think of hardware as being free...'". Meanwhile, software, which has no material components whatsover, will continue to force you to pay through the nose for oppressive licensing schemes. And if the software is free, it can't be any good. Linux costs more than Windows.

A new study shows that filesharing doesn't hurt album sales. RIAA responds by stamping its foot and screaming, "I've got studies too! Lots of studies! More studies than you!"

What the RIAA really needs is more sex. It makes you smarter.

And do we ever get tired of ripping on the Passion? Of course not!
run the fuck away

Warning - Not Lunch Safe

Oh yeah, they really love us in Iraq. With photos. You've been warned.

I am happy to see this. The Americans are occupying us so this is what will happen," said Mohammad, 12, looking on.

No, I'm not saying that we should pull out of Iraq. It's too late for that. To leave now would do more damage to our precacious international stance than getting involved in this war did. We've committed to a track, and simply pulling out shows a lack of committment.

No- now we have to change our approach.

I look at it this way- when people are willing to blow themselves up to make a point, perhaps we should listen. Not cave in to their demands- but listen, because they obviously feel that normal dialogue won't help. Now there's an overwhelming cry from Iraq- "Yankee, go home!" Well, that's something we can't do. We can't just pick up and leave, and in truth- it wouldn't be good for Iraq.

I'm really not sure of the best response. Certainly nothing will improve until Iraq is self-governing, and not under the US's finger. When will that be? You'd think that if the US is a model for democracy, and as we are all indoctrinated, the Constitution is a perfect example of how democracy Works, that setting up a new government should be a whizbang affair.

Well, when the infrastructure exists. Which it doesn't in Iraq. ::sigh:: I'll just run away and be depressed about this.


Hey look! (not that you can see) I got the gtk-qt-engine working, so now all of my GTK apps look like my KDE apps! w00t! Now _that's_ sexy. It's not working _exactly_ perfect, but now my windows don't clash. This is important.