March 28th, 2004


Ahh, geeks...

I'm going through the XUL (pronounced Zool) files that describe the Mozilla UI, with an eye towards making a plugin. Specifically, a plugin that provides a one-button click that blogs the currently viewed page to your LJ. I think it'd be handy.

At any rate, the XUL files are actually a sublanguage of XML, and hence, has an XML namespace. XML namespaces, for their part, are usually described as a web address. The XML namespace for the XUL stuff?


::snicker snort::

Further geeking...

So I was really missing winamp 5 for one big reason- the keyboard shortcut plugins, so that you could control it without having to click on the window.

Then I realized that this was linux, and I shouldn't need to have any special software.

Four one-line scripts later and a little dicking around with KDE's shortcut settings, and I have the same functionality.

Go me.

My Desktop...

Alright, I've put alot of effort yesterday and today tweaking my desktop, making it all shiny and sexay.

So let's take a look, shall we? Here's a really big graphic- I've got an insane screen resolution, which is caused by using two monitors. Hey, listen, if you intend to do linux, set aside a better part of the day for setup if you want to have a dual-head system. It's a pain in the ass. Biggest drawback yet, aside from the fact that Macromedia doesn't distribute a decent flash plugin for *nix.

At any rate, the dual monitor thing was done months ago, so that's not something I tweaked.

Collapse )

Now, all of the customization tools I used are either built in, or I downloaded them from You too can have a shpiffy linux desktop.

Does anyone reading this even use linux? Or even care to tweak it as much as this? Sorry, I've been a desktop modder for as long as I've had a decent (for its time) computer, so like... high-school. Before that, they were my "parents" computers, so I couldn't futz with them much.

And before getting to post this, I lost all internet connection because the ports both Cate and I were using on our switch went... well, I hope to a better place. My switch is so fucked up- if you use connection five, the uplink port dies, if you use three or four, all the other ports die, but uplink stays on.

New Project

I've come up with a new project for myself.

I want "drawers", mini pull out windows that dock to the sides of the screen. Now, I could learn QT, the KDE library, but that strikes me as a pain in the ass. It looks like it'll be alot easier to learn JNI, the system that allows me to embed native code into Java programs and write the bulk of the code (especially the GUI) in Java, and do the rest in C++.

My basic plan of attack is this- I'm going to use the XReparentWindow method to plop any window I want into my Java program. The methods for this will be native C++. I've already got code for dynamically loading kicker style applets in Java, so I can leverage that, and get something like that Slicker program I mentioned in my last post, which, btw, I had to drop- it's waaay to unstable to rely on. I really liked it though. A good portion of its source code will end up as my native source. It's just that when it comes to GUIs, I'm more comfortable in Java. That, and I've got prebuilt code to leverage, which is always a mitzvah when coding.