March 23rd, 2004

My Hat!


JayZ is getting more play than he deserves. When the Grey Album came out, I lamented that a _really_ interesting remix would have been the Beatles' White Album and Metallica's Black. Well, I almost got my wish- Black on Black- JayZ mixed with Metallica.

Again, I'll give this one a shot- it's a few hours of downloading after all.

Now, I've burned myself multiple times on soldering irons. I'm horrible with them, and make the _worst_ solders that you can imagine. But, this soldering iron looks great- it heats to 800deg in a second, and is cool to touch in five.

The case over whether or not an officer can require you to present id is now before the supreme court. This is an interesting case to watch and could have big implications. For example, how would this weigh in on NYS's law that you must have ID on you at all times. Can that law hold, when you can't force someone to present ID unless you arrest them?

For fun, there's some new Harry Potter merch at Hot Topic. I want one of those Azkaban prision shirts.

Finally, english spelling isn't that horrible and the author of that site proposes 56 rules and other notes that make english pronounciation clear.

And damn, it's cold today.
johnny cash

Strange E-Bay Auctions #3046

A college student auctioned off her virginity to pay for college. Well, it was 8,400 pounds, so hey, that's something. I think.

Personally, I don't see any problem here, other than that she wasn't prepared to handle it. And that's her own dumb fault.

Well that, and 8,400 pounds (which is what, like $14G?) is too much to pay for any sex. Maybe that's just because I'm such a charming little stud that I've never had any problem getting any. I mean, damn I'm sexy- I'd do me. Oh that's right, I also know how to masturbate, and find that more enjoyable than tawdy pointless sex. I did the tawdy pointless thing in college- masturbation was more fun. Besides, virgins are unpracticed- that's just not any fun- my ummm... tastes... are likely to disturb anyone that doesn't have a little experience under their belt.

And I'll stop before this becomes TMI.
My Hat!


Awhile ago, Christopher let me know the Red Hat class had gone, in his words, "Up in smoke". Today, the COBOL class goes the same way.

They do have another interested client, so there may be a COBOL class in the near future, but this still really sucks.

Buh-bye $600 a day, hope to see you soon.

At any rate, anyone looking for a C/C++, Java, .NET, PERL, COBOL programmer with database experience?

Tesla Would Be Proud

A japanese musician turned inventor created an engine that consumes 20% less energy for the same amount of torque and horsepower.

It outputs more energy than you put in- by pulling energy from the magnets in it. Reading that article reminds me of reading the first short story in The Man Who Sold the Moon by Heinlein. In that, someone invented a lighting panel that worked just as well as a solar collector, and had insane efficiency.

This device works at 330% efficiency, without violating any laws of physics. I'm curious to know if the magents demagnatize through use in this device. It's heatless, noisless, and makes me horny.

And because he's not selling the rights to anyone, there's good odds that we won't see megacorps buying it and sitting on it to protect their establishments.

I honestly think that, assuming this is for real, this device could change the world. I want the miniature generator version that he's working on.