March 12th, 2004


Morning Linkage...

Well, I've seen this about half a dozen times, so I guess I should mention it: BLEEX is an exoskelton, power suit sorta thing. It's really good for lugging heavy shit. That's about it. But, it's definitely a start. What it really needs to do, in the long run, is become ubiquitous- something small and light enough to be worn under clothes, with a small power supply- eventually a pocket sized one. In fifteen years, we're going to see more of these in public use.

Meanwhile, elected officials are showing some bright lights of intelligence in two places: the Senate is asking NASA if there's a way to save Hubble, and in California, they're looking at banning all paperless E-voting machines.

Now, odds are, that new phone number you got belonged to someone else once- but what happens when it's someone famous?. It's just one of those "so strange it must be true" things.

Predictive Fiction - "The Last Man on Television"..

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This was inspired by seeing "Golden Girls" shared on Suprnova. I saw it, and asked myself, "Why? It's not like its rare, or desireable? Is it?" I did remember back to college, when it was _always on_ in some room on the floor. No one really knew why they watched it, but they did.

Speaking of Suprnova, I'm downloading the latest episode of "Mad, Mad House". That show is... weird. Amusing. "Freak the Mundies" as a TV show concept... I still can't get over it.

In related news, in Chigago, a new exhibit opened, chronicling infomercial gadgets. I say related, because like "Golden Girls", this kitsch is part of our history. And like "Golden Girls", while it is kitsch, this stuff... well, we remember it, even if we don't like it. See, deliriumcrow is having a good influence on me- I think about how things relate to history, and even have an interest in preserving it- but with my heretical twist, I have this fondness for preserving that which most would happily forget. But the stuff we love to hate is right up there with the stuff that we want to remember in my mind.

There's a decadent beauty in those "As Seen on TV" products. Someone had an idea that made common tasks easier. Sure, the pitch makes us squirm and is even vaguely embarassing, but at the same time, there's a good idea there often. Fuck, next thing you know, I'll be advocating preserving old QVC broadcasts.

Holee Crap!

My XServer crashed _again_, but there was an unseen bonus. When I reconnected to the torrent for "Mad, Mad House" I started with 100Kb/s+ download speed, as opposed to the 10-20kb/s I was getting. Of course, as I finish this, the speed dropped and is hanging around 30kb/s.

Still, I love broadband. I'll have in in two, maybe three hours, as opposed to the 5 or 6 I was looking at before.

Why on earth do people subscribe to cable? Hell, even if this still had ads in it, I'd totally download it instead of watching it!
Tom Baker


On the radio, a moment ago:

Your WDST Weather... Looks nice, but there's still some weather out there, but it's to the north of us.