March 9th, 2004

run the fuck away

It must be spring...

Yet again, various congressional asshats are taking it upon themselves to defend our flag from desecration.

Good job guys... you uh... get on that... and how about I just laugh and say I told you so when it gets struck down... again.

Personally, I find flag desecration distasteful. I'm a flag ettiquitte geek though, and on a good day, when I'm in practice, can get a perfect fold. Well, okay, it happened once anyway.

I don't believe that the flag represents our country; I believe it's representative of the ideals of Freedom. The idea behind the US is a pretty good one- I just differ with the implementation- lots, and vocally. So, out of respect for the ideals, I respect the flag.

However, I think that flag-burning is a pretty dramatic way of stating your disagreement with either the ideals or the implementation. Mind you, it doesn't say anything else, and it is dramatic- to the point of in my mind being considered "Drama Queen" level of dramatic.

Even so, that's their right.

Mind you, it is no one's right to autograph an American Flag (right Bushie?). That doesn't fall in the category of free speech- that's just asinine.

Simple Occultism

As soon as you bring up "spells" or "the occult", thinking and unthinking people alike automatically go "Freakjob!".

With a simple explanation of a ritual that has served me well, I will demonstrate why that is not always the case.

You find yourself faced with two untenable choices. A dilemma, by definition. You don't really wish to make either choice. So what do you do? Flip a coin. When you see the result, you'll either feel a small amount of dread or of relief- it will be small, but pay attention for it.

If you felt that small tug of dread, ignore the coin, and do the opposite. Otherwise, do what the coin said.

You see, the reaction you felt was because some part of you already knew what it wanted. But you were overthinking things, being distracted by the great-big-brain that's often oh-so-useful, but has a problem knowing when to shut up. So we shortcut it- we have an outside source tell us what to do- and based on our reaction to that advice we make our decision- not based on the advice itself.

On many occasions, I've added more trappings to it- charging the coin, often with lasers (which I find works delightfully as a wand/athame combo), using something else fairly arbitrary, whatever. The basic is the same- I guage my reaction, and do what I really wanted to do in the first place.

Most of the time, that works out just fine.
run the fuck away


According to Many Worlds Theory there is a universe in which Dennis Kucinich is the Democratic nominee and is romping his way to President. I think that's the world in which Babbage was successful in building a difference engine.

From cyborgdemocracy.
Tom Baker

Story idea...

So today, I was planning to meet Cate uptown so that we could hit the bank and cash the check. This meant catching the 4:30 bus.

At around 2:00, I plop in bed to read for a bit, because I was cold (heat's still broken). I finish my book (reread The Gunslinger with the hopes of going through the series-to-date in one swoop, if I can borrow the last three books from someone), and drift off to sleep. Now, I had set an alarm for 4:15. Even so, I wake up at a little after 5:00, and go "Fuck!"

So I bolt out, hoping to walk to Uptown before six, when a) the bank closes, and b) the last bus leaves. I'm suffering from severe thirst, and the annoying blugh feeling I get when I sleep in the middle of the day (why I never take naps).

I discover upon my arrival that the bank closes at 6:00 on Fridays, the rest of the week, it closes at 4:30. So that was a waste.

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Tom Baker


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Apologies to Stephen King for stealing the first line of The Gunslinger for my introduction- and bastardizing it horribly. I kinda want to see a comic book about the Lawyer.