March 8th, 2004

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On a walk...

I went on a walk today. There's a gigantic oak tree near our house- it's bigger than anything in the surrounding area, ignoring the fuel dump down the street. But as you walk up the hill, it dominates your view, this twisted tree, with bark that's gone white... huge and old.

Today, as I walked towards it, I saw a vision of it burning, Old Testament style. I said, "Burning bush thing?"
"Got your attention didn't it?"
"Yeah, I'm surprised; until recently I wasn't noticing _anything_."
"That'd be because you were knuckling under to Kingston. By seeing me like this, you've just won back a little from Kingston."
"Yeah. C'mon man. You kicked Kingston's ass before and got out. You can do it again. Kick it and leave- don't let it drag out."

That made me feel much better.

New Geek Verb

I have a new verb I coined, and I think it should catch on:

WSAD (v) wuh-sad: to make something ergonomic, or improve it's usability. "I was totally confused by the toolbar until I WSADed it by rearranging the buttons." "The game controls used the arrow keys, I had to WSAD it.

This comes from the world of first-peson shooters. There was a time where most games used the arrow keys to control movement- I mean, they were arrows, you use them to move, right? However, as games got more complex, you needed to reach more keys more rapidly- and lifting your hand to hit "r" to reload makes no sense. Instead, the W,S,A and D keys get used now- there's a whole slew of other keys within quick reach from there without moving your hand.

This was inspired by reading the review of a brilliantly designed controller the n52.
run the fuck away

Ye gods and small fishes...

...alot of people have friended me over the past week.

Time to skim some journals and add those that grab my interest in the top few entries.

I don't auto-add people who add me, but I _do_ at least give them a quick glance- I figure, at the very least, they've got good taste, ne?
johnny cash

Sick of dealing with some moron?

Sick of dealing with some moron? Want someone to just shut up? Eat shit and die?

You're probably not alone.

From now on, when you want to reply to someone, and shw them the depth of you're disdain, simply reply like this:

James is sick of your shit.

(<a href="">>James is sick of your shit.</a>)

Speaking of morons: James, and the local villagers were sick of this guy's shit too- so they tied him down and washed him.

This reminds me of Trimount. There was an employee there who worked in the _kitchen_ of all places, and he _stank_. On the rare occasions that he did shower (and being the the showers were public and communal, you knew when someone wasn't showering- and it may have been part of his reason for not showering) he refused to use soap. He'd just rinse off and be done with it.

So one day, one of the lifeguards called the kitchen, saying, "Hey, we've got a big crowd, and need an extra pair of eyes in the lifeguard tower, can you send Aaron down?" Now, the kitchen staff hated Aaron; in addition to smelling, he was apparently useless (and was once caught masturbating in the walk in freezer), so they were happy to have a reason to send him elsewhere.

When he got to the waterfront, Shawn, the king of "Shark" (a lifesaving teaching game of "Try not to get drowned by the instructor") grabbed him, threw him in the lake, and scrubbed him down with laundry detergent. After that, he managed to keep himself clean most of the time, aside from his similar refusal to do laundry.

This is totally unrelated: Birdies and Death. Very _very_ cool.

How News Travels on the Internet

Here we have an infographic on how news travels across blogs.

And it's also demonstrative in itself. The post I linked to was the source. From there, I found it via BoingBoing, but it's also in Fark. So it went from there to MetaNews. I picked it up and dumped it in my niche in the Lesser Blogosphere.

At this point, I don't think this story is going to show up in the "Big" media, except maybe

But it's an interesting example.
run the fuck away

Like, OMG, ROFL, etc... fuck off and die...

In the hilarious note for the day, I've achieved an extra note of infamy.

There was that heelarious flame-war with mythianworld followed by an equally heelarious flame-war with shylahfaerie.

It moved itself over to, where I proceeded to get twice the ha-has over it.


I'm so terribly amused. Particularly by the line in the comments, "Unless I totally missed something, I think we have just seen the lone lovechild of Bill Gates and the Amazing Kreskin." I may very well steal that, and add it to my bio.

Plus, it gave me an excuse to point out that James was sick of their shit.

Oh, and my new quote: "Trogdor will Burninate the World when he rises from Sunken Ry'leh."