March 3rd, 2004

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Linkage Infojunkie...

Before the news- the ads I got money for were network ads- I'll only be getting a share of that money based on the click throughs my site provides. So that money is going to be much less than it looked like. Still, I'm seeing that there's cash there, and considering how little effort I've employed there- well, I could make some more cash off of this.

Let's start by being amusing: Various philosophical proofs for god's existance. It starts with some honest-to-goodness proofs (which are full of shit), and then moves on to getting just plain silly.

For example:
Argument from intimidation:
(1) See this bonfire?
(2) Therefore, god exists.

A convincing argument, to be sure.

In the stupid copyright realm, the owners of Lexis Nexis want to copyright the data in databases. They're attempting to copyright facts. This bill probably won't go through, and if it does, it'll probably be struck down pretty quickly- it goes against the purpose of copyright, but it shows what content-producers are really after- control over _all_ the content. They are _not_ interested in the users. Lexis Nexis is a powerful tool- insanely powerful really- but this attempt shows that the owners don't fully understand what makes Lexis Nexis as good as it is.

The DEA has decided to allow clinical trials of MDMA (E, Ecstacy, XTC). This is interesting; doctors have been trying to get access to this for years- nearly ten of them, since it was made Schedule 1 in '85. It's an interesting drug, with interesting effects. There is also a hazard- studies have shown that regular ecstacy users show higher rates of clinical depression. Mind you, this doesn't mean that E causes the depression- it just means people who have used E are more often depressed. A common mistake is to conflate statistics.

Meanwhile, nearly half of US internet users have contributed content to the net. The biggest contribution? Posting photographs. Blogging ranks in at a low 2% of contributions, proving that we're still the weirdos. Its okay though; it's going to catch on. It's too useful and powerful not to, and despite the popularity of other blogging tools, LiveJournal is by far the best I've worked with- which is why I'm still here. It's cheap (or free) (sure, others are free, but you usually need your own webspace, or don't provide the number of options). The biggest advantage to LJ though is the community- you're really connected to other users, with communities and friends pages, etc.

Local muncipalities have found the bandwagon, Portland authorizes SSM. The Mayor of New Paltz is looking at about twenty misdemeanor charges for "Solemnizing a wedding without the couple providing a license." A laywer in the area however says that NY law allows for unlicensed marriages. Which intrigues me, because NY has pretty strict marriage law- its a state run by lawyers.

Michael Eisner is looking down the barrel of Roy Disney's sights for failing to keep Disney profitable. They can't oust him unless they find a replacement though. Get cracking people.

Finally, another laugh, the Communist Crabs are attacking, crabs imported to the atlantic by Stalin are marching south, and may eventually reach as far as Gibraltar. Its another case that shows why importing species is bad.
run the fuck away

The Passion and other Moviedom...

First thing- I started watching Cold Creek Manor the other day, and never finished it. I was fairly ho-hum about it (and didn't know anything about it before hand). I watched a little less than half of it, before I went off to do other things. I read a review of it today (echoing my ho-hum feeling), and discover that it's supposed to be a suspense/thriller. Somehow, I missed _that_ entirely. Tells you how suspensful it is, if halfway through you're trying to figure out if it's just a period drama, or a romance.

Okay, now, onto The Passion of Christ; Cate finished downloading it the other day, so we'll watch it at _some_ point, preferabbly followed by The Life of Brian and Jesus Christ : Vampire Hunter, two of _my_ favorite religious films. But I want to look at The Passion, and think about what this says about modern Christians. You see, modern Christianity is over-obssessed with Christ's _death_. From the plethora of Crucifixes (Crucifi?) depicting the beaten down, trashed, and bloody savior looking... looking rather upset for having just been nailed to a tree, or equally often, not showing any emotion, to things like The Passion- people concentrate on Christ's death.

Oh, the sacrifice he made for us. He died for our sins dontcha know. He was nailed to a tree, and isn't that miserable?

Historically, the free thinking iconoclasts and heretics get horrible things done to them, like be nailed to trees, poisoned, tortured- the lucky ones get exiled and die of some strange disease. People who start creating new religions or claiming to be the savior of mankind end up in the Weekly World News, or sent to Utah because nobody else wants it. The fact that Christ died, from a historical perspective is predictable, and fairly uninteresting. He got the shit beat out of him because he had a Cause. He had a purpose.

Fine! Let's concentrate on that _purpose_. I mean... _come on_ people, there are alot more interesting things that Christ said or did that are more interesting than him getting nailed to a tree. I'll grant that no treatment of Christian Theology is complete without going into grisly tree decorations (Mommy, why do we put ornaments on Christmas trees? Well honey, Jesus was the first Christmas Tree ornament. They nailed him to a pine tree you see) but no treatment of Christian Theology is complete if that's _all_ you're focussing on. "Jesus Died for Your Sins"- lemme tell you something- nobody cares. "Jesus hung out with the ho's 'cause he was a bad ass mo'fo' who knew his shit, and wasn't afraid to let it all hang out. He got his ass nailed for the Truth!" That's a little more interesting.

Speaking of strange focuses in Christian Theology- ::facepalm:: Well fuck, the whole quoting Leviticus to support the idea that homosexuality is a sin. We're looking at a book that also lists eating shellfish and other kosher laws, and mandates that women have to be quarantined during their periods. Now, none of _those_ laws are important for some reason. Jesus came to free us from the law- but not all of them. Just the ones that are inconvienent.

People, remember this. You misquoting-misrepresenting pigfuckers can disagree all you want, but Christ was an _anarchist_. He said the law was full of crap, and the only way out was to follow his example- not follow his exact steps or words- follow his example. "Guys, chill out. You're smart enough to know right from wrong without a list of it. Relax, use your head, and when in doubt, do as I do man. And always toke-toke-pass. Don't bogart the reefer."
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Of course...

I was trying to make a recreational activity/sport out of this in college, but found virus writing too tedious.

Viruses are duking it out. A new worm, Netsky.F contains in its code the text "Skynet AntiVirus - Bagle - you are a looser!!!!" (j00 r a l00s3r. 1 will pwn0r j00 - ::snicker snort:: I'm finding 1337speak terribly funny today). It then removes Bagle if its on your computer. Bagle.K, the other worm in this digital war has embedded in its code the text "Hey, NetSky, fuck off you bitch!"

*snicker snort*

My idea for recreational virus writing was a chain of virii that didn't do anything harmful- they just replicated and tried to kill other virii. There was eventually supposed to be a method of polling the virii and keeping score, though I never really got that far along.

Yahoo Notices RSS

Yahoo is running an article on RSS. It's the "Next Big Thing" apparently. Thanks for pointing that out Yahoo, we hadn't noticed.

I live on RSS. Any website that interests me, but doesn't have an RSS feed, I email the webmaster requesting one. There's no excuse anymore. If you take a look at my friends page, you'll see things like BoingBoing (a link blog), Something Positive (a web comic), Calvin and Hobbes, and so forth. These are all delivered via RSS, and you can add them to your friend's page through livejournal's syndication page- LJ provides an RSS aggregator for you. This I find preferable to downloading an RSS aggregator- a seperate program to read RSS subscriptions. Though, if I wanted to, I could use an aggregator and have my friend's page show up in it- LJ exports your journal and your friend's page in RSS.

RSS is what turned me into an infojunkie- all the glorious information I want, delivered to one place- and thanks to LJ, that one place is nicely styled, and mixed in with commentary and updates from people I know (or at least am interested by).

It is the Nexus! Bwhahahaha!

It's really bad...

...I mean fucking horrid when the resident _asshole_ (that'd be me) is giving you ettiquite lessons.

At least my rudeness is constructive.

And man, I'm still laughing about her being able to "almost levitate" (she gets the _sensation_ of levitation, but doesn't actually levitate). ::facepalm::