February 25th, 2004

run the fuck away

Okay, fuck this...

It fucking happened _again_. More journal spam.

I will be disabling anonymous comments now, however, I still want people to be able to comment without having a live journal account.

To that end, I have created a livejournal username, unknowncomment. The password is p4ssthrough. Spread it around, put the info in your journal style, so that people can post anonymously if they don't have an LJ account, but spammers will be less likely to be able to get in (and if they do, I delete the account and make a different one, or change the password).

Geek Thought

I was thinking about random number generation the other day, and it got me thinking about a web service for this.

Now, I came up with an idea for seeding a random number generator as a web service. See, when a client connects for a seed, they send a packet of 1024b containing, anything. That, along with thier IP gets dropped into a rolling 5mb file on the server, which gets translated into an MD5 hash. The hash gets cached and returned to the clients so that they can seed a random number generator.

The Art of Deception

I've been reading The Art of Deception by Kevin Mitnick. It's a short, light read, composed mostly of vingettes about people who have stolen data or information from computers without hacking- instead, they convince someone at the firm to give them the data, or access to the data, or forward the data, etc.

Essentially, long range cons. Amazing stuff in there that just makes you go "wow". Essentially, if you can talk the lingo, act like you know what you're doing, and be likable, you can get people to do _anything_.

There are six main attacks that social engineers use according to a book cited in this: Authority, Likable, Reciprocation, Consistency, Social Validation and Scarcity.

I have to admit, it's been getting my duplicitous little mind cranking. What I _really_ want to do is get some people together for one of the traditional "bank robbing missions" in roleplaying, but bend it a little; my premise is simple, but the possibilities are complex.
johnny cash

Oh, and in the download cue...

I'm playing with bittorrent, and working on several things, mostly by other people's reccomendation:
Reefer Madness
Wizard of Oz with the Pink Floyd Soundtrack

I've also downloaded the Pentagon briefing on climate change, and am also working on a few episodes of "Titus" (one of the few good sitcoms ever), as well as 28 Days Later.

Oh, and the torrent site I'm getting all these from participated in Grey Tuesday yesterday.
run the fuck away

Random Nusiance

I've got an Origami Desktop calendar, one of those page-a-day styles. Now, the calendar looks square at a glance. Makes sense, you want to do origami, and the calendar provides you with square pages to do it with, right?

Wrong. It's about one millimeter too long in one direction. Just large enough that it makes most models annoying.

johnny cash

Even RoadRunner wants to annoy me...

As I discovered, my computer is not allowed to send email to RR addresses. I'm using a free email service that doesn't offer SMTP. That's fine, there's a reason god gave us SENDMAIL, right? Mostly. Since my computer doesn't have a valid DNS entry (it's on a subdomain of DynDNS.org), it's not allowed to shoot off mail to their accounts.


And anyone who bothers to reply about how that is actually a good idea security-wise, as I know it is, will get a boot-to-the-head.