February 21st, 2004


DVD-X Copy and DVD-Copy Express are dead. Long live DVD-X Copy.

When you buy things like DVDs, music, XBoxes, Microsquish Software, etc., you do not own them.

The company owns them. The company can control what you can and cannot do with them, so long as they slap some encryption on there. Mind you, the DVD player can crack CSS (it has to in order to play the DVD), so I have to wonder- are DVD player manufacturers breaking the DMCA?

Myself, I think I'm going to boycott DVDs for awhile. I mean, c'mon people, there's gotta be another format, like VCDs that doesn't suck, right? Something encryption free?

If we refuse to pay them the tribute for a product we can only use in certain circumstances, they'll have to change.
run the fuck away

Remeber the Riechstag!

Remember the Riechstag bombing of September 11th? Well, "In a post 9/11 America, state governments have a responsibility to update their homelad security laws in order to protect their citizens."

Does Rhode Island remember Sacco and Vanzetti? Because its governor wants to make it illegal to "speak, utter, or print" statements in support of anarchy. Or the overthrow of the government.

Oh yeah? I think that anarchy isn't a great system, but anarchistic ideals can definitely be incorporated into other systems- and people will learn to think for themselves. And I definitely think that we should overthrow the government, and replace it with one that works in favor of the people. And that's true anarchy- not no system- just no adherance to a system that doesn't improve the state of life for people.

Government, like any other human invention, is a technology. And it's time for a serious Service Pack.

johnny cash

Product Placement...

Something I never noticed before is the amount of product placement in Fight Club. And they're all PepsiCo, form the beverages to the bag of doritos that gets dropped when the Mayhemites see the narrator after shooting himself.

Nothing like watching a nihilistic-marxist revolt movie that pushes PepsiCo.

The irony is... well... delightful.

It fits well with the ending song...

[edit: Wait! The Krispy Kremes that Bob was eating weren't PepsiCo. But I'm pretty sure Dunkin Donuts are, yesno?]
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