February 20th, 2004

My Hat!

Site update

Okay, the ability to browse the organizations and volunteers is done. All that's left is better searching functions, and the ability to edit an opportunity if you posted.

Oh, and the ability to organize opportunities by date (in the database there's a startdate and enddate field, which theoretically would be useful). Oh, and the ability to configure skills, so that volunteers can filter by skills they offer.

That last one would be _so_ much easier if mySQL supported views. Since it _doesn't_ however, I'm going to have to whinge about it, and remind myself to _never use mySQL again_. If I had the money, I'd so get an oracle license- Oracle kicks _ass_. Worst case though, I'm going to take postgres for a spin- it can't be worse than mySQL. mySQL has less features than _Access_ for chrissakes!
My Hat!

Actually, here...

Take a look at my site. I'm not interested to know what it needs- I'm painfully aware of what's lacking. What I'd like to know, is that functionality a reasonable thing to be proud of after what's really one day's worth of coding so far? I'm trying to get a feel on how much I should kill myself for this today.

Keep in mind, the look and feel haven't even been considered (I'm just recycling a stylesheet) and that for some reason, the webserver with my graphics on it is being really intermittent, so you may not get the graphics.

Take a look, if anything's broken, it means I either haven't made the page yet, or am currently working on the page, but I _think_ every page you see a link to should be implemented, albiet somewhat sloppily.

Also, I'm planning on broaching this in conversation something like so: "Actually, just a side note, since I wanted to be prepared for tonights 'evaluation' of my technical skills, and since there's a possibility that I will be working in Cold Fusion, I decided to spend some time this week brushing up on my skills. I realized also, that there might be concern with the fact that my experience is educational in nature. So I'm putting together a production website; a "volunteer bank" with an eye towards donating it to a charity, or perhaps hosting it myself. I can send you the link, but keep in mind, the code that's there I started on Thursday. But this gives you an idea of what I can do in two days with no budget or anyone else giving me direction. I figure in a week or so, I'll have something that'll be fully functional and clean."

Also working in mentions about how the "look and feel" is just something I recycled from an old site, and not anything like a finished product.

Hey look...

Skill updating, done. Browse functionality, done. Ability to edit postings, done. Damn I'm cool. That's 31 files to do all that work, because I split things neatly with cfincludes. Adding features has been a relative breeze.

I think next I'll work on skill-matching.
run the fuck away

Daw fuckmonkies


Don't mind me as I calmly get up and throw mySQL out a fucking window, and laugh as I get to use the word defenestrate in a sentance.

Why you ask? MySQL doesn't support subqueries in the version I've got. The skill match page won't work without them (well, I could use a stored database procedure, but I don't trust MySQL to do that _either_. Maybe if I get really creative with joins?).

Remind me, never _ever_ again, to use MySQL.
My Hat!

T-minus three hours...

I'm calling the site done for today. One and a half days work, with some prep previous to that. I'm going to relax, and chill, and be in my best possible form for the interview tonight.

For a day-and-a-half's work, I'm satifisied. I hope they will be too. I think the "Skill-Link" is a good tweak, being that it hooks users up with opportunities that are good for them. I'll probably reverse it and let organizations find volunteers in the same manner.

After tonight though, this project drops in priority a few notches. I'm certainly looking forward to the weekend of not touching it.

Now, watch, Teachers-Teachers.com decides that this is a cool thing to branch out with and offers to buy it from me. That'd be a hoot.

I'm gonna go poo.
run the fuck away


54 minutes and counting. Once again, I do plan to change for it, but I also plan to be relaxed, mellow, and let my mind be as flexible and prepared as possible (which is why I didn't push myself into finishing the search feature- having that, but bombing the interview won't do any good).

Hopefully, this is the last step (miniboss) before the CEO (game-boss).
My Hat!


In a few minutes, I'm going to score myself a job. Or at least, get myself onto the next phase of scoring this job. Preferably, I'll score it though.
run the fuck away


The recruiter had something to take care of. She'll call me back in ten minutes. She promised that "it wouldn't take long".

Here's my fantasy:
She did google me, found my blog, and is impressed with the way I write and she also poked around on the site I put together, and was pleased and impressed with what she saw.
She's currently hammering out the details with Brett Spodak, and when she calls back, she'll be offering me the job.

Please? Pretty please? That means that LJ will be responsible, in part, for me getting this job. That'd be awesome.
My Hat!


::phew:: That almost was bad. NetMeeting + our router = problems, even with port fowarding; instead I borrowed ben's computer and took everything off of the network. And went straight through the cable modem- except oh! When I went to point my site out to her, guess what! It wasn't on the network anymore.

Faugh. I emailed her the link, with an explanation of the site, the process, etc. She wanted another example of my CF experience on top of that. I pointed her to New Horizons, where I taught CF with blazing honors.

All in all, I think I've shown enough gumption, courage, to get my foot in the door with Brett Spodak.

I'll find out within the week.
Rainbow Me

I wasn't going to..

...post this, mostly because I've seen it everywhere already.

But, I was looking at who the Nietzschean Existentialists looked down on, and it's the Ayn Randroids. That makes me laugh.

Also, I see where "People Who Think They're Aliens" goes, but I don't see one for "People who claim to be both the creation of transdimensional aliens (in an attempt at "hacking" this universe) and simultaneously, the offspring of Eris and Loki"

And where the hell are the discordians? [never mind, found them, in the "Sub Genius" branch... I don't know anything about the Church of the Sub Genius]