February 19th, 2004

run the fuck away

Today I'm starting the recode...

In almost any project that I dive into, I get some work done, say, "Nice sketch," then throw it out, and start over.

So, I'm rebuilding VolBank from the ground up. I'll recycle some code, but for the most part, I'm completely rebuilding it. Already, with a better design, I'm making better progress. The site map is _much_ cleaner now, with only a total of seven pages to maintain. Simple. I'm also getting better milage out of my CFINCLUDEs on this one, using them to split up the code more neatly (and do things like make a "smart" navbar, that autochanges when you log-in or out).

Speaking of login/logout, I think that's the next page I'll work on.

Feeling accomplished...

Okay, here's what's done:
Basic Keyword search (but broken) [edit: no it wasn't. I forgot, I fixed it already. I just need more advanced types of searching]
Account management.

I've also showered, eaten, done some origami. Damn, am I productive or what? This also includes rebuilding the database.

Todo? Well, I need to add:
POST (opportunity)
JOIN (create an account)
various BROWSING and SEARCHING pages. (which I can recycle from stuff I've already done to a large degree)
johnny cash

Some lighthearted humor...

Let's see here, some fun stuff.
Pat Buchanan warns us that due to Bush's new open-borders program for mexican immigrants will mean there's no more white people in the US. I'm particularly fond of the line, "America will be a Third Wolrd country not only in its ethnic and racial composition but also in the socioeconomic profile she presents." Emphasis mine. He also points out, that in 1960, 90% of Americans were white-folk. And all these mexicans, will destroy America. Mostly because they're poor illiterate mexicans, not because they'll be displacing american workers. It's a hoot, really. You should read it.

Meanwhile, Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, says that the threat of the safety of Jewish people is "as great, if not greater, than what we faced in the thirties." I mean... shit... people say these thigns out loud! Now, in favor of that article, it is pointing out this stupidity. But still... that's a sound bite.

The fun you have when reading conservative magazines online.