February 18th, 2004

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Right-e-o Rob...

From today's Free Will Astrology:
TAURUS (April 20-May 20): The President of Belarus has issued a
mandate to his country's athletes regarding their performance in the
2004 Summer Olympics. "You should have clear-cut plans for victory,"
Alyaksandr Lukashenka told them. "It is unacceptable for you to win fewer
than 25 medals." That sounds a bit unrealistic to me, so I won't be that
demanding in my decree to you, Taurus. But the astrological omens are on
my side as I command you to pull off a feat that would be your equivalent
of a gold medal between now and March 20. In addition, I order you to
gather a new privilege, new perk, or new title.

I'm already on it. ::jaunty salute/wave::

Arg you bastard!

Why are you not sending me cookies? Sorry, trying to fix login procedures on my Volunteer Bank, and the damn thing is supposed to send me two cookies on login. Who I am, and why type of account I have. I get the cookie that stores the account type, but I don't get the cookie that stores my identity! GRARRRR!
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VBank Update

Users are now able to add and remove skills from their account, representing what they are capable of. TODO on this feature: tweak the output for layout and readability: priority low.
My Hat!

Hrm... purging...

My body is doing the purging thing it usually does before some big change. It's as if it can detect it happening (or maybe it's just a stress reaction).

Either way, I poop too much. Like four times today, and it was a decent, large quality dump every time.

And I've been downing a glass of water every twenty minutes... and still want more.

Hey look, I have to poo again. It's starting to get in the way of my work. I should have had this page done an hour or two ago.
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They did it in New York state. Now, they're doing it in Ireland. No more smoking in pubs.

At least the ban won't apply to psychiatric hospitals. I mean, what good would being crazy be if you couldn't mix your prozium cocktail with nicotine? Hm?

Meanwhile, today's penny-arcade hits things right on the button. Personally, I want to know more about the Ender's Game movie; but I'm hesitant. A cast of child actors? Very hard to do right.

I also remember an engineer telling me that Broadband Over Powerlines was impossible- due to noise in the transformer. I argued he was wrong, that disruptions on the magnetic field of the current, and not in the current itself, would provide a data channel, and that would work. Really though, I don't think it's cost-effective.

Oh, and I've made alot of progess in my site when the cache decided to stop refreshing, so I'm taking a break while the server figures itself out. It's really hard to test your site when the server is dishing out pages from five revisions ago.
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Re: a link...

I yoinked this link from tyrsalvia, and it starts off saying, "Same-sex marriage isn't going to hurt you." For most people, especially the ones who oppose it for religious reasons, she's kinda right.

However, it does hurt us all. It's putting another section of our personal lives into public control. "We want recognition." Fuck that. Demand that hetero couples _dont'_ get recognition from the government.

But we've heard this rant before, and we'll all hear it many, many more times before I'm done.
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MY main reason...

..for being anti-marriage is this:

is it economic or for love?

Historically, marriage was an economic institution. In our culture, we usually tghink of it as being about love. Pick one. If it's economic, then the government is allowed in. If it's about love though, even a little bit, then cut the government's nose off when it tries to stick it in.